Thursday, 19 May 2016

India, As I See it : Floods in Mumbai

Most of us would remember that Mumbai was flooded on 26th July 2005.

That morning I was in dadar market, out shopping with my mother.

2:00 pm: 

The 2 lane streets were filling up with water and my Mom and I felt, it was time to start moving homewards, only to avoid an excessive flow of evening traffic.

3:30 pm: 

We walked without finding a single taxi. We soon heard that the local trains had stopped because of the increased water level on the railway tracks; Offices were closing down early to help people get back home to safety.


We had walked 2.8kms and reached Mahim Church. By then, we were part of an ocean of people, moving in a single direction.

Each one walking with a single thought, “How will I get back home today?”
Traffic had come to a standstill.

Mobile signals were jammed; All around we saw scores of people, each one moving an inch at a time. 

We had slowly but gradually walked 4.4kms and reached bandra. My mother moved homewards and I moved on towards my destination in santacruz.

I was on my own.

Friday, 13 November 2015

7 Reasons Why Diwa-Lee must be kin of Bruce-Lee

Diwali as  a festival, has been celebrated in India since times immemorial.

This year, as I sat at home, and indulged in the exchange of jpegs on whatsapp (instead of the traditional exchange of mithai), a funny thought crossed my mind.

Surely, there must be a official technical reason about why Diwali is called "Diwali". 

What if Diwa-Lee was kin of Bruce-Lee? and here are few similarities that came to my mind about the two.

Read On and have a funny, full of laughter Diwali with Ms.Diwa-Lee(Kin of Bruce-Lee).

1. To begin with, Diwa-Lee and Bruce Lee both must have had a family connect for sure.
Reason: Don't u see the inherent bloodline-connect "Good fights against evil and WINS…"

2. Bruce lee was committed, disciplined, hard working and built a beautiful strong body for himself. 

Have u noticed how much commitment, discipline, hard work Madame Diwa-Lee's house-cleaning brings out from each one of us…
Well, Diwa-Lee sure, helps us built more beautiful homes for our Body to rest in!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Finding Cinderella

As kids, we have all enjoyed reading Fairy Tales and fantasised growing up and living a Magic-filled life in a Palace and also imagined living with Step-Mom's not 'Real-Moms'.

Is there a possibility that even today, we can find a Cinderella or a Snow White in our own lives.

Sharing 3 experiences, where I was able to connect to one or more Fairy Tale Characters:


Once, as part of preparation for a birthday party, my elder Sister had kept everything ready for me: my outfit, accessories, shoes, handbag, my hair-do was planned, nail paint at the best nail-art gallery. 

I looked my very "best" in every sense of the word.

After the party, little tired and very happy, as I got into my worn-out pyjamas, bundled up my hair into a untidy bun, thinking about how my nail-paint would wear off after I got home, I laughed out loud and said "Oh! This is such a 'Cinderella-like Moment'. From princess to pauper when clock strikes twelve".

My sister retorted immediately, "Whats wrong about being Cinderella! She found her Prince at the end of the story".

A very positive thought indeed! 

We are able to connect to stories because the characters share challenges faced by each one of us. 

In a world where we are constantly battling between our free-will and destiny, stories can provide inspiration and positivity even in the most dire circumstances and help keep our hopes alive. 

Never Mind whether I am Cinderella or not, my Sister is most certainly the Best Fairy-God-Mother anyone could ever find.

Snow White

I recently encountered a challenge whereby no matter what I did, it was impossible to please a select group of people in a particular city who thought I was intruding in "their territory" and thus stepping on their feet.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

3 Ways of dealing with all Champoos in this World

During my recent travel, I met an extremely irritating, rude character, who thought he was the only smart Alec alive on planet Earth blessed with rights to insult everyone around, irrespective of their age, sex and experience.

I gave this character a Nickname: Mr.Champoo Champiwaala. This world has many Champoo-like characters, only the names and faces change.
(The character depicted above is Ralph Wiggum from 'The Simpsons')

It angered me great extents that every lie repeated by Champoo more than 3 times was believed to be 'the ultimate truth'; while the honest ones had to sit silently and tolerate insult. Champoo got away with spending money collected for a good cause like it was his father's legacy, while he conveniently turned away deserving creditors as cheaters.

Meeting any Champoo can be a terribly unpleasant and unsettling experience. Here are my 3 ways of dealing with these extremely irritating characters:

Become Mr. Champoo's AEI (pronounced as आई ). 
(आई is Mother)

(This Blog does not support spanking of children; 
The Cartoon above is not to be taken literally and is only used for representative depiction)

A: Act
I once witnessed an incident where Champoo insulted a 60 year old and brought tears to this man’s eyes and all the ‘Good-hearted Pandavaas’ sat around and watched in silence.

Whether it is hurtful behaviour of a friend or horrid dominating in-laws; Whether it is rudeness of a government employee or getting cheated by a shopkeeper: "ACT": Don't sit quite, Do something;

This is not about 'Moral-Policing'; 

The Only 2 Questions to ask are:

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Finding Aladdin's Magic Lamp

As children, we were all mesmerised by the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.

The thought has surely crossed my mind several times 'Oh! I wish I had the Genie and the Magic Lamp'

But Wait!! 

Many of my wishes do come true; I think about something and BINGO!!! my seemingly impossible wish comes true. Some wishes simply don't materialise; Whats the secret! 

Does each ONE OF US have an Invisible MAGIC LAMP ALREADY thats simply waiting to be discovered.

Lets see if we can find our Magic Lamp. Lets Say….

  • Each one of us is Aladdin, who is born with inherent skills but not the means for gaining access to grand results that we refer to as 'Magic'.
  • My Mind, Intellect, Memory and Ego act as the Evil Magician. These inner faculties lead to the cave and thus help find my Inner Magic and they also lead me to judge, bring mistrust, remind me of past events when I failed, tell me grand results are not possible and thus cheat me into believing that I am a 'nobody' and I can achieve nothing.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

11 More Things I love about Mumbai

History of Mumbai:

Bombay was the first British Indian possession, which came as a part of the royal dowry in 1661 to King Charles II of England on his marriage to the Portuguese princess, Infanta Catherine de Braganza. 
(the 7 islands ceded by the Portuguese to the British in 1661)
Ironically enough, Bombay also set the stage for the birth of the country's historic freedom movement, as well as for some of its major landmarks, including Gandhiji's 1942 call to the British to "Quit India". 
(The first bonfire of foreign goods was lit in Bombay in 1921. Hats, caps, shawls and suits went up in a blaze. “In burning my foreign clothes I burn my shame,” said Gandhi)

It was in Bombay that the Indian National Congress was born in 1885. It led the country's struggle for political independence and indirectly to the liquidation of the British Empire.

The name "Bombay" was changed to "Mumbai" on August 12, 1996.
(Information Source: Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai)

I have already shared my first list of "11 Things I love about Mumbai" in a earlier post;

Here is my list of "11 MORE things that make me a Proud Mumbaikar".

1. In 1890, Mahadeo Havaji Bachche started a lunch delivery service with about a hundred men. The commercial arm was registered in 1968 as Mumbai Tiffin Box Supplier's Association
Between 175,000 and 200,000 lunch boxes are moved by 4,500 to 5,000 dabbawalas, all with an nominal fee and with utmost punctuality. It is frequently claimed that dabbawalas make less than one mistake in every six million deliveries. Dabbawaalas are surely a Pride of Amchi Mumbai.
(Information Source: wikipedia) 

2. Want to witness Magic: Visit Mumbai in the Rainy season. I love the lush greenery, flooded roads, the magical Rains, the lashing sea.
Please ignore the pot holes and the open Manholes. After all this is not Alice in Wonderland, this is Us Mortals in BMC-land. Did you know, that established in 1882, BMC was India's first municipal corporation.

3. Founded in 1880,  currently a multi-religious, multi-ethnic, diverse settlement. Dharavi's total population estimates vary between 300,000 to about 1 million.
I love it that a small one-room school in the heart of the largest slum has grown into an institute for 350 children. Hats off to 'Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir'(SSRVM) Team, Dharavi for bringing this challenging and beautiful transformation.

4. I love it how in Mumbai every single vegetable seller, milkman, shopkeeper, 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

10 things scarier than Friday the 13th

Fear induced by superstition has its own place in our lives. But there are few things that can be scarier than a black cat crossing your path on friday the 13th :)

As kids, we have experienced many such gross moments, as we grew up the events changed, but fear in different forms, surely remained.

Here is my list of top 10 things scarier than Friday the 13th:

10: Birthdays!!! A joy when we are young, a terror as we cross 40!

Well, the increasing number of candles on the cake surely make birthdays scary. 

(I know for sure, I am growing younger by the day. So, Who was the smart alec who invented the idea of having candles on the cake? Lets find him and make his candle burn on both ends!!)

9: My friend Johann shared that having lived in a joint family, the scariest thing is being